Certificates & rewards

Management commitment
1. Provision of human and material resources;
2. Social distancing;
3. A reorganization of the executing staff (working hours);
1. Reservation: the hotel will only receive 50% of the maximum occupancy capacity
2. Reorganization of the setting up in restaurants, bars and cafes: the tables will be installed at a minimum distance of 2.5 m each.
3. Extension of presentation times: provide at least 2 services with an extension of restaurant opening hours.
4. Entertainment and other activities:
• Adaptation of the entertainment program
• The SPA offer will be adapted with respect for the new requirements.
• The mini club and the children's play area will be organized in accordance with the regulatory and legal requirements of the destinations and countries of origin of the hotels.
1. Installation of distributors of hydro alcoholic solutions: the number of distributors will be considerably increased so that customers and employees can disinfect their hands at all important contact points.
2. Room cleaning:
• A new procedure for N / A of rooms is implemented to guarantee the best possible protection against possible contamination.
• Regular attention will be devoted to risk areas (bathrooms, basins, taps, handles, remote controls, etc.).
• Self-service restriction: food and beverages will be served to the client by hotel staff.
1. A continuing education program will be carried out; training actions will be provided by a specialized external service provider.
2. In-house training and awareness-raising actions will be carried out by qualified supervisory staff.
3. An external audit and daily inspections will be guaranteed for the proper application of the procedures put in place.

Quality Policy, Environment and Food Security

The Management of the Hotel RIADH PALMS resolutely aware of these internal and external challenges and a customer, employee and stakeholder with different habits, including most demanding needs and expectations are constantly changing.
We know that in such a context, the only alternative to ensure the hotel's sustainability is to adopt behaviors and attitudes in the direction of:
• Satisfy and retain customers by meeting their requirements.
• Provide healthy eating and healthy environment for customers and employees.
• Implement a dynamic of continuous improvement.

To fulfill our commitments, we decided to implement an integrated system of quality management "ISO 9001", environmental "ISO 14001" and food safety "ISO22000" in accordance with the reference standards and requirements applicable legal and other requirements to which the hotel is endorsed as the Blue Flag, Green Key, ...
We pledge to provide financial, technical and organizational necessary for the implementation of this commitment.
As such the hotel's management is committed to:
• Continuously improve the performance of our services and processes.
• Continuously improve the level of customer satisfaction.

Ensuring the safety and security of our customers and our employees.

• Continuously improve the skill level of our staff.

• Ensure identification; analyze and master the dangers of SA to ensure that all DA are safe at the time of consumption by the customer.
• Ensure appropriate hygienic environment to production; handling and the provision of finished products for all interested parties.
• Mastery of our consumption of energy resources (gas and electricity).
• Mastery of our consumption of resources and waste in our waters.
• Proficiency in managing our hazardous and non-hazardous and their valuations.
• Mastery of our air emissions and noise.
• Conduct the necessary actions for the prevention of the environment.
 However, this is only possible with the support of all well motivated staff we call all our wishes to be fully involved in the implementation and ongoing monitoring of the Integrated Management System.

Charter of social and societal commitment

  Respect for our customers and our employees is a fundamental concern for our hotel. Respect for human rights and child protection are also part of our concerns and we concur in this context to the universal charter of human rights and child protection.

  For this and taking into account our priorities and our values, activity Hotel RIADH PALMS is part of a social and societal development approach. The hotel management is committed in particular to:

  • Carefully observe the human rights and to oppose all forms of child labor or forced labor;
  • Practice responsible management of human resources that promotes good management skills and banning all forms of discrimination;
  • Provide safe and motivating working conditions;
  • Ensuring an open work environment for dialogue;
  • Support regional development in the area where we operate, particularly for economic growth and employment;
  • Respect the rights of children in general and protect against violence and sexual exploitation in particular;
  • Contribute to the development of the welfare of the local population and enhancement of its culture;
  • Support and collaborate with organizations of civil society;

Promote the traditions and the local culture, whether by the food served at the hotel, by the proposed visits by the activities offered by the hotel or decoration;

We invite our customers and our employees and all stakeholders to adhere to this charter and to support our sustainability efforts.